New Service




April 16, 2012


The Board of Directors of the West Travis County Public Agency Board (WTCPUA) extends a cordial WELCOME to all of our CUSTOMERS.  The WTCPUA was created in December 2011, by the City of Bee Cave, West Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 5, and the Hays County (Sponsoring Entities) for the purpose of acquiring, owning, and operating the Lower Colorado River Authoritys (LCRA) West Travis County Water and Wastewater System (WTC System).

Currently, the WCTPUA is governed by a three member Board of Directors with one director appointed by each Sponsoring Entity.  The Boards mission is to provide the highest quality of water and sewer services to WTC System customers at the lowest possible cost and to have future growth pay for itself.  We have retained, through a competitive proposal process, Severn Trent Environmental Services (STES) to provide daily water and wastewater operational and customer services for the WTCPUA.  STES operates and maintains all of the WCTPUAs water and wastewater facilities, including a 20-million gallon per day water treatment plant, a 0.675-million gallon per day wastewater treatment plant, associated facilities, and hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines.  Today the WTCPUA provides retail and wholesale services to over 8,000 retail and wholesale water customers and 1,200 sewer customers.

As of the date of this letter, we are just completing our first month of water and sewer operations, and you are now receiving your first WTCPUA water and/or sewer bill.  Our transition from the LCRA has been challenging due to the very short, transition timeframe between January 17, 2012 and March 19, 2012 required by our purchase agreement with LCRA. In addition, we have learned during this first month that the WTC System requires several significant operations and facility maintenance repairs and upgrades that have taken a lot of our resources and time to address.  So, the Board respectfully requests and very much appreciates your cooperation as we sort out these matters over the next several months.

The Board holds regular monthly meetings at 10:00 A.M. on the third Thursday of each month at the City of Bee Cave City Hall.  The Board is very happy to be representing you, our CUSTOMERS, in this very challenging endeavor.  Through hard work, cooperation, and open communication, we believe we will be successful in delivering to you a high quality of service, at the lowest possible cost. 

Please feel free to contact any Board member or our General Manager, Don Rauschuber, P.E., at 512/263-0100 at any time, if you have any questions concerning the WTCPUA.  If you have any operational questions or to report any water or sewer emergency, please contact STES at 512/246-0498.

Again, Welcome to the WTCPUA.




Larry Fox, Ph.D., President

Michael Murphy, Vice President

Ray Whisenant, Treasurer