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Flume Smart Home Water Monitor Offer

Update 10/2: SOLD OUT

We have sold out of the flume monitors that come with the rebate; however, you can still order the device directly from Flume for $249. The next promotional offer for Flume devices from the company is Amazon Prime Days, 10/10 & 10/11, when the device will be on sale for $124.50.


West Travis County Public Utility Agency and Flume have joined forces to offer you an exclusive rebate on Flume’s Smart Home Water Monitor — the ultimate solution for leak detection, bill management, and efficient water use. With just a 10-minute DIY installation,

Flume provides:

● Down-to-the-minute water data to track your usage accurately.

● Suggested daily, weekly, and monthly use targets to help you cap consumption and save on water bills.

● Instant alerts to prevent left-on faucets or undetected leaks from increasing your water bill.

● Individual appliance water usage breakdown, so you know how much water each appliance consumes.

● Detailed insights into outdoor water use, aiding you in managing your sprinkler schedule.

For a limited time, PUA customers can get Flume’s Smart Home Water Monitor for just $74 (regularly $249!) after discount and rebate.  To sign up for the Flume Water Monitor, please click the link below:

https://flumewater.com/partners/wtcpua?utm_source=wtcpua&utm_medium=email&utm_campai gn=email_723