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Protecting Your Home in a Freeze


With freezing temperatures forecasted in the coming week, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with where your meter box and water valve shut-off are located, as well as stock up on some pipe foam or get out old blankets to protect exposed pipes from damage in a freeze.

  • Meter boxes are usually located in front of your home along the property line you share with a neighbor. If you suspect a leak, you can turn off the water in your house and check the meter - if the needle is moving then you may have a leak. The street shut-off valve may also be located in the meter box. This is to be used by the water utility company only.
  • The homeowner's water shut-off valve is located in another container, usually 12 inches or less away from the meter box. That is where the resident can shut off water to the house. Once you shut off water, run the faucets to drain the pipes, so the water inside doesn't expand in a freeze and cause the pipes to burst.
  • Protect outdoor pipes with a special pipe foam (which can be bought online or at a local home store) or use some kind of warm cloth covering if no foam is available. This will help protect the pipes from cracking in a freeze.
  • Remove hoses from outdoor spigots and cover the spigot also with a special cover or a sock to keep it warm.
  • Bring outdoor pets inside as well as outdoor plants.
  • Turn off the water to your irrigation system (a professional can do this as well as blow air through to ensure no water remains that could cause damage).
  • Open cabinets under sinks to allow more warm air flow and to keep the pipes inside the house from freezing.
  • Drip faucets slightly if necessary - most newer homes are insulated enough that it is not necessary. As long as the heat is on in the house, that will help protect the pipes.

Watch our video with our Operations Manager Eric Morgan as he takes you on a tour around a home to show you how to follow these tips!